What Do I Eat?

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In this day and age people are often confused by diets, diet trends and what the heck they should fuel their body with. Im here today to start a conversation on food. Food is an amazing thing, if tastes wonderful and the whole idea around food is to supply us with energy, minerals and enrich our health! So what should one do!? Let's break this down to simple science. First off i would recommend seeking out a trusted source for guidance on the exact nutrition you should be taking in. You may ask, Chantel what the heck are you talking about!? What I mean by this is seeking out someone who has knowledge of how many Calories you should be taking in daily. Do not limit this to just calories, but include a full Macro break down. What the heck is a macro? This is a essential nutrient that you need to run. The three primary macros are Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats. I also advise its best to watch your Fiber intake, be aware of your Sugars and your Sodium. Now there are so many ways to reach your goals weather it be a a set meal plan that you prep once or twice a week. I recommend starting off this way to get the hang of it, if it's your first go. There are also a ton of tracking apps available, get one, and start dairying your food logs! Set it up to meet your Calories and Macros. Here are a few tips on being successful.

Do not sweat the small stuff, being 10-70 calories over is not a massive deal. Hitting your macros in a percentile is.

Eating less is not your weight loss answer. You actually cause damage to your body and you put your metabolism (whom is your friend) into a state of panic per say. You will of course loose some weight, but eventually you will plateau. Put in the hard work and train your body to need the food and It will return the favour!!! I can 100% promise you that.

Drink your 3 to 4 L of water each day!

Listen to your body, if your feel hungry choose nutrient dense foods to fill that appetite. You will soon figure out even after a week or two of tracking that you can eat more of healthy types of foods like dark greens then you can of say french fries! So again its a simple science.

Be balanced! If you are not training for stage, or anything in specific keep an 80/20 rule. What I mean is 80% of your week (not your day) be on point. 


Stay within your calories!! Do your best to avoid binge or cheat meals that could easily turn to a junk food sugar high day! If you are having you 20% off day for the week stay within your calories and forget your macros. End of the day, you will not have gained a pound by doing this! You will have stayed within your limit. 


Questions, comments or concerns!? Inbox me and I would be happy to direct you !!!!


Need further advice check out www.cutandbuilt.ca and we will get you set up!!!!


- Chan


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