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5 Things You Need To Know About Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is making headlines over the past few years. Shoppers are craving items that include more personal attention infused in their order.  With that being said, shoppers have been realizing that handmade items have a unique flare to them versus the competition of mass produced counterparts. When you stop to think about it, handmade jewelry is about an investment piece vs. fast fashion! We wanted to explain further so, we broke it down to 5 Key things that you didn't know about hand made Jewelry and just what the draw is! 

1.  No Big Machinery Involved: Unlike the counterpart jewelry, handmade jewelry is just that!  Made from the hands of the artisan themselves. Each piece is made to order without a machine cranking out hundreds of units per house.  We make a small quantity by hand in about the same about of time. With an individual human making each piece,  there are very very small uniqueness in each design.  Shoppers feel as though they are have an original . 

 2. Materials: There is a strong trend linked with crafted jewelry besides the assemble.  A key aspect with buying handmade items is that you can be sure metals weren't blended during the creation process.Designers, like us, tend to use locally sourced metals and stones from reputable and traceable sources. 

3. Time is reflected:  Since there are no machines involved, just the hands of the artisan, we cherish the time placed in creating your designs.  There is a surprisingly amount of detail placed with each item.  As designers ourselves, we often spend hours perfecting pieces for each client. So you could say we add love into each design, and into each piece! 

4. Uniqueness in quality: Since production is on the small scale, there is area of focus on quality. We are able to track and control the integrity in each piece.  We at Berkley's Boutique are extremely proud of the effort we pour into each individual item. We value the attention to detail and it;s reflected in each piece. 

5. Locally sourced:  With all the emphasis on buying local an artisan support's the demand that the customer is crying out for! Reducing carbon footprints and sustaining  the environment is good for all. We at Berkley's place a huge value on supporting locally by partnering in finding materials and selling exclusive discounts to customers that support the same market! 

When purchasing your next pieces of jewelry, remember that with shopping from a handmade vendor you are supporting dreams and passions.



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