Putting The Spring Back Into Your Step

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Hi Berkleylovers, it has been a very long winter! We are so excited to be back again with some new exciting products! To "Spring" in the correct direction we are more than excited to talk about a full VEGAN beauty line we are proud to have on board with us. This line is 100% Natural and Cruelty Fee. At Berkley's Boutique it is the belief that nature and skincare are symbiotic, which is why we only support products that contain only the finest ingredients, with a focus on beneficial + nutritive, sourced-from-the-earth ingredients. Beautifying and caring for your body shouldn't mean sacrificing health and wellness. With that being said, let's talk about some of these great products that will be sure to add some SPRING into your life! 

R O S E . L I P . G L O W

It's time to indulge your pout  in petal perfection! Rose Lip Glow is made with all natural + vegan earth sourced ingredients, from plant oils and butters to gorgeous rose extract to restore moisture balance, soften delicate skin and leave a barely there, just kissed sheen. 
Surfside - Hair Cream


S U R F S I D E - Tropical Hair Styling Creme

Time to give your hair that surfer babe hold with a triple blend of botanical butter, powder and oil, enhanced with citrus essences to leave hair beautifully beachy. Surfside smooths flyaways while giving hair a subtly messy, carefree look and feel with all natural, nourishing ingredients.


White Tropical Shimmer Oil


W H I T E . C O C O N U T - Tropical Shimmer Oil 

Illuminate skin with a pearlescent shimmer. White Coconut nourishes skin with a trio of luxe oils, infused with micro-fine mica particles for a luminescent glow. Organic coconut extract scents skin with an aura of island paradise, imparting a scent and glow inspired by the white sands of a tropical oasis.

White Coconut is a light gold shimmer oil that blends beautifully with fair skin tones, and creates a striking contrast and highlights to darker skin tones.


Dry Oil Hairspray


S U N . E L I X I R -  Dry Oil Hair Mist Conditioner
Suffuse fragile strands in a balanced blend of nourishing argan and sweet almond oils, and pure water. Sun Elixir is a dry oil mist that gently coats hair in hydrating plant oils, evenly dispersed with a blend of water to soften and smooth hair without weighing it down.

Enhanced with jasmine essential oil for a whisper-light scent that gently fades after application to leave hair fresh and revived.
Beauty Balm / Facial Oil Balm
C A R I B B E A N . W A T E R S | Beauty Balm

Do you want to restore your skin's radiance? We have you covered, with intensive, deeply nourishing hydration. Caribbean Waters Beauty Balm transforms from soft balm to oil from your body heat, melting into skin creating a youthful glow. 

A hypnotic pool of teal silken potion formulated with the finest natural ingredients and absolutely no fillers - no wax, water or emulsifiers, so each and every dollop is potent and pure for maximum efficacy! We take pride in such a brand. 

Packed with only luxe ingredients to deeply soften, smooth and plump skin. Creamy plant butters, nurturing earthen oils, and botanical essences from yarrow, tansy, helichrysum, jatamansi, frankincense and many more. Discover the radiant, wild beauty of pure nature.
These are just a few of our favourite things we want to share with you! We hope you love them as much as we do!!!


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