What does the total Eclipse mean for you?

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Our expert friend in Astrology, Ash Koehnke, shares what the total eclipse will bring into your life this week


"Feeling a bit out of body this week? Feeling some serious vibrational downloads happening on a level you cannot quite explain? Welcome to eclipse season!!

This last week we had a full moon in Aquarius the sign that connects to our nervous systems, feeling frazzled is the name of the game right now. The universe is asking you to connect on a more present level on the HEART level- it is Leo season with the potent lunar (moon) eclipse happening this week a portal of sorts has been open for us all to connect deeper.


Are you resisting? Do you feel called to embody deeper and to embrace a calm, living in the eye of the storm?

On a high vibe level this eclipse is here for us to see where we need to slow down + where we need to speed up. If we are not listening to this message we might find ourselves in low vibe situations where we end up in car accidents or having nervous breakdowns.

You are the king of your Castle (King = Leo + Castle = Aquarius) Ð it is now time to look at your life objectively and ask yourself am I vibing high right now- or do I need to let go of the reigns, drop into my heart and embody on a deeper level?"

-Ash Koehnke 

Instagram: @a.pile.of.ash


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