Rudraksha & Gold Starfish Bracelet with Aquamarine Stones (Calming Freedom)

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This is all about connecting yourself to the divine. When you use Rudraksah you allow negativity to be absorbed and therefor are able to move blcoks you may be experiencing. Aquamarine is all about whimsical ocean vibes. Let it transform / sweep you away for Calming waters. 

Mantra: I release all fear and surrender to the divine.

Stone Meanings:


Rudraksha (or Rudraksa) is the dried fruit of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus, which grows mostly in Indonesia.. Rudraksa literally translates to: Rudra=Shiva’s aksa=Eye, meaning that it is pleasing to the eye of Shiva. Sometimes it is referred to as “Tears of Shiva”. Hindu holy literature has it that Rudraksha beads, also known as Rudraksa, are said to have many special powers, including curing all types of ailments and absolving all kinds of sins. The number of facets each bead has changes the number and types of sins that the seed can absolve. Altogether, Rudraksha is a powerful healing and absolution component according to traditional Hinduism.



An Aquamarine Stone resonates with the calming energy of the ocean, helping you to connect with the natural energy and spirit of the element of water. In ancient tales, Aquamarine stones were believed to be the treasure of mermaids. 

Care Policy:

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