Handcrafted clay jewelry dish that says life is a grand adventure

Handcrafted Clay Jewelry Dish - Life Is A Grand Adventure

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This one of a kind piece is all about celebrating the Grand Adventurer inside us all! We chose uplighting Blues, Greens and Purples making an Ocean-Like dream with our color scheme in this particular dish, highlighting in a royal Gold Trim! Each dish is handcrafted from polymer clay, which is a softer clay compared to ceramic clay. This also means these dishes are lightweight and much less likely to break when dropped. :) Bubbles and bumps do happen but this contributes to the individual look of the dish itself. Each dish is different and unique, just like all of our amazing customers ! We hope you enjoy these color blends as much as we do! 

Approximate size: 3 inches x 3 inches 
Materials - Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paint and Semi-gloss seal.

Additional Details:
  • All Components are Hand Made 
  • High Light Color's : Blues, Greens, Purples and Pinks with Gold Rim & Wording
  • Not For Holding Food
  • Can Be Wiped With A Damp Cloth
  • DO NOT Submerge in water