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Handcrafted Clay Jewlery Dish - Gold and Teal Feather

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This one of a kind piece features a Golden Feather front and centre! Let this serve as a reminder to soar high through-out your day while providing a stylish home for your favorite peieces! We made this dish a beautiful turquoise/teal with highlighting in a royal Gold Trim! Each dish is handcrafted from polymer clay, which is a softer clay compared to ceramic clay. This also means these dishes are lightweight and much less likely to break when dropped. :) Bubbles and bumps do happen but this contributes to the individual look of the dish itself. Each dish is different and unique, just like all of our amazing customers ! We hope you enjoy these color blends as much as we do!

Approximate size: 3 inches x 3 inches
Materials - Polymer Clay, Acrylic Paint and Semi-gloss seal.
Additional Details:
  • All Components are Hand Made 
  • High Light Color's : Teal / Turquoise and Gold Trim
  • Not For Holding Food
  • Can Be Wiped With A Damp Cloth
  • DO NOT Submerge in water
  • Do Not Place In Microwave

Perfect for all types of trinkets. Also pairs well  with your favorite Berkley's Jewelry item.

Add color's into your world with our clay hand made colourful Jewelry dish! It's a great way to stay organized and to keep your special items safe while not rocking them. This is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece!