Mantra Bracelet - Keep Believing Miracles Happen

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This Bracelet is from our Mantra collection. What a statement in itself " Keep Believing Miracles Happen" ! We designed this bracelet specifically with a miracle magic mindset choosing Sea Bamboo which is all about turning water into wine and inspiring optimism. We chose white Lava stones not only as it is aesthetically pleasing but for it abilities to aid in a sense of self calming energies with goals at the front-line of focus! So come one and believe with us that Miracles are a reality! 

Sea Bamboo:

"The New Wave" - Supports you in a period of transformation. It will aid in showing value in the past but not hesitating to embrace the future. It turns lemons into lemonade. Catch as many waves as you can and open yourself to new experiences! 

Lava Stone (white):

"Find The Fire Within" - Use Lava to ground and transform your energy. During difficult transitions this stone will aid in confidence, stability and support. It aids in calm energies and offers encouragement with goals as a focus.

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