Ride Safe, Grip It N Rip It with Skull Charm - Dog Tag Necklace - Berkley's Original

  • $ 22.00

Our Ride Safe, Grip It N Rip It Necklace is hand stamped on a Dog Tag. This necklace is for anyone who loves the freedom of two wheels! We added a Skull Charm which has Onyx Black eyes for an added fun flare! We pray it keeps all our Biker Babes and Biker Dudes safe, while showing off their passion!


All Components are 100% Nickel Free

Length: 22.5 Inches

Extras: This was created to provide protection and safety to all our friends on two wheels when traveling!


Each piece is hand made and crafted just for our Berkley Lovers. This means that no two pieces will ever look exactly the same. We individually stamp each letter into the metal, which creates a custom unique look to every piece! We have a few tips we like to pass on in order to make your jewelry last, because we hope you love it as much as we do! Do not sleep with your jewelry on. Why? It can cause unnecessary stress on the components and will make them more likely to break. We recommend not swimming, or showering with your item on. When you do so it can cause unnecessary tarnishing when wearing it in chlorinate pools, hot tubs, and salt water. Do your best to keep your piece separated from all other jewelry. Tip: use your jewelry bag that was shipped to you, this just allows the piece to not obtain unnecessary scratch marks while providing a cozy nest for your handcrafted treasure. If you require any other information do not hesitate to contact us!