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Crafted Jewelry Berkley's Boutique - Sun Child Bar Necklace with Pineapple Charm, Goodvibes, Hand Made, Jewelry, Nickel Free, Shop Local, Sparkle, Heart, Pearls, Playful, Pineapple, Sun, Ocean, Beach, Beach vibes, Beachy
Berkley's Boutique

Sun Child and Pineapple Necklace - Berkley's Original

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Our Sun Child piece was created for all our fellow sun worshipers! This creation was originally inspired from one Berkley's sister to another to serve as a reminder to tap into the Sun's energy! We hope it serves the same purpose in your life as well! Besides its adorbs!! 

Additional Details:

All Components are 100% Nickel Free

Adjustable Lengths Approx.:  14 3/4" to 16 1/4" to 18 1/4" 

Care Policy:

Check out how to protect and care for your handmade jewelry here.

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